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Example Schistocomia haematobium
Forms 5- Miracidia (larval stage) cercaria, encysted metacaria, metacaria and worms
Description Mouth and ventral sucker but no anus, single sement with male and female reproductive tissue
Life Cycle- (1) Exiting Humans Human excretes eggs into the environment
Life Cycle- (2) Larva In water, the larval stage (miracidia) occurs
Life Cycle- (3) Snails Larva infect freshwater snail and reproduce asexually to form circaria
Life Cycle- (4a) Fish Circadia enter fish/crustaceans and become encysted metacaria in the muscle
Life Cycle- (4b) Plants Can be left on plants by water, develop into metacaria
Life Cycle- (4c) Penetrate Some flukes can penetrate human skin from the water
Life Cycle- (5) Humans Either by penetration or ingestion, the metacaria end up in humans and develop into worm form
Schistocomia haematobium- Infection UTIs, where body reacts to the release of eggs
Schistocomia haematobium- Symptoms Inflammation and blood in urine (can lead to bladder cancer)
Schistocomia haematobium- Skin Penetration Can cause itchyness where skin is penetrated