Ancient Mesopotamia & Egypt

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ch. 2 Ancient Mesopotamia & Egypt

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Mesopotamia name mean "land between the rivers"; where the 1st civilizations began; present day Iraq & Syria
Fertile Crescent the region in the Middle East which curves, like a quarter-moon shape;Known as the Cradle of Civilization c0dd183e-3fc9-40fe-80cb-729e73a4ab2e.jpg (image/jpg)
Polytheistic belief in MANY gods; Ancient Sumerians believed in over 3,000 gods.
Ziggurat the massive platform that the Sumerians built their religious temples on 53254642-8b2d-4d9e-95da-00b8301b61c5.jpg (image/jpg)
Theocracy means "rule by god"; describes a govt. where the ruler is thought to be a god ex. Ancient Egypt
Cuneiform 1st writing system developed by the Sumerians; "wedge-shape writing
Hammurabi's Law Code 1st written laws; given to people of Ancient Babylon by King Hammurabi; very strict laws based on principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
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