Protein Synthesis Inhibitors

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Protein synthesis inhibitors - Mupirocin Narrow spectrum against gram +ve Bacteriostatic substrate analogue of isoleucyl tRNA Topical strep skin and MRSA in nares rapidly de-esterified in kidney and liver producing non antibio metabollites
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Linezolids e.g. oxazolidinone Bacteriostatic against gram +ve (efflux in gram -ves restricts use) Binds to 50s and blocks binding of isoleucyl tRNA to A site of ribosome IV/Oral for skin and soft tissue and community acquired hospital pneumonia. Skin, GI, Liver, thrombo, anaemia
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Tetracyclines natural and semi synthetic broad spec. Bind to 30s, prevent association of amino acyl tRNA with ribosome Mostly oral, some IV, some topical. Tigecycline - IV, skin, soft tissue and intra abdominal infections. GI, photosensitivity, CNS, deposits in bones and teeth.
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Aminoglycosides naturally occurring polycatatonic compounds. aminohexose - aminocyclitol - aminohexose structure Bind to 30s - strp, spectino Bind to both - kana, tobra causes misreading of mRNA producing abnormal proteins IM/IV entero, pseu, plague, enterococcal endocarditis
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Chloramphenicol Binds to 50s inhibiting peptidyl transferase activity natural/synthetic Oral/IV bone marrow depresson, gray syndroms toxixity but treats salmonella typhi
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Macrolides Gram -ves especially haemophilus inf. Bind to 23s rRNA of 50s premature dissociation from p site Oral/IV Gi, jaundice
Protein synthesis inhibitors -Streptogramins quinopristin and dalfopristin act in synergy as synercid and bind to 50s at different sites
Protein synthesis inhibitors - Lincosamides Lincomycin and Clindamycin Oral/IV bind to 50s act similar to macrolides anaerobes and gram +ve aerobes rashes, diarrhoea and pseudomembranous collitis c.diff
Protein synthesis inhibitors -Fusidic acid Interferes with elongation factor G produced from ribosome Gram +ve Topical oral iv staph infections rash jaundice
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