Music History Grade 9

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Sacred Church music
Secular Popular music
Homophonic Playing or singing the same rhythm
Polyphonic Playing or singing different rhythms
Monophonic Playing or singing one melody
Homogeneus Similar timbres or sounds
Cantus Firmus A tune or melody
Unison Playing or singing the same melody at the same time
A Capella Singing only, no accompaniment
Medieval - Years 0-1400 AD
Medieval - Vocal Predominant due to the requirements of the church, mainly chant, limited harmony (parallel 4ths and 5ths), usually a capella or with organ accompaniment
Medieval - Instrumental Limited, used primarily for dance music, very thin textures and woodwind and percussion sounds
Medieval - Composers Perotin, Leonin, Machaut, Landini
Renaissance - Years 1400-1650
Renaissance - Vocal More complex harmonies, more use of polyphony
Renaissance - Instrumental Still primarily used for dances, entertainment and solo accompaniment, becomes more independant in latter part of era
Renaissance - Composers Dunstable, Dufay, Binchois, Tallis, Ockeghem, Morley, Palestrina
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