Charlie Chaplin & World Wars


Sir Charles Stephen Chaplin, did without words much more than others couldnt do with their voices. He with his little tramp said without words what most couldn’t or were to afraid to say.
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Charlie Chaplin & World Wars
  1. 1. Sir Charles Stephen Chaplin, more recognized as Charlie Chaplin was a British actor, producer and comedy director who became the biggest star of silent-film era in the 20th century
    1. His first job as an actor was in the series of Sherlock Holmes where he interprets a paperboy at his age of 14.
      1. $150.00 at week, thanks to his role in the Karno Troupe.
        1. Charlie´s debut was in 1914 in a film call Make a Living.
          1. he called his character “the little tramp”
            1. At the age of 26 he was already recognized as a superstar and also one of the best paid ones.
          2. He started his own company United Artists with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and D.W Griffith in 1919
            1. He married four times and had ten kids
              1. 1972 when he received an Academy Award from the Motion Picture Academy
                1. In 1966 Chaplin´s last movie was released, A Countess from Hong Kong, which was the first and only color movie Chaplin made.
                  1. 2. Chaplin´s films where recognized for being a critic to the authority (represented as police officers) and modernity (represented by industrialization).
                    1. Third Liberty Loan
                      1. Shoulder Arms
                        1. The Great Dictator
                          1. Even though he couldn´t participate in war as a militar, he participated being a big critic of it and showing across his movies.
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