Spread of Islam by Enoch

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Spread of Islam by Enoch
1 Art
1.1 was an important factor of islamic culture
1.2 artists produced art relatedpaintings
1.3 Art historians credit Muslims architects
2 Conquest
2.1 Was also an important factor of Islamic Culture
2.2 After Muhammad's Death, Muslims established the first communities
2.3 Between 632 and 740 A.D., east and west from Arabian Peninsula expanded
3 Education
3.1 Islamic advances education help to explain the spread of Islamic Culture
3.2 Muslims established the first Islamic Schools
3.3 Students learned to read and write Abrabic
4 Trade
4.1 Another reason for the spread of Islamic Culture
4.2 Continued to flourish for hundreds of years
4.3 People from far, distant regions gained the ability to exchange goods
5 Religion
5.1 Jews and Cristians who came into contact with early Muslims viewed Islam with hostility
5.2 Islam allowed the nomadic herdsmen of North Africa to envision a more stable and cohesive society
5.3 It offered a vibrant spiritual to the polytheistic religions
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