'On the Life of Man'


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'On the Life of Man'
  1. Written in rhyming couplets
    1. Words fit together/linked - sense of certainty
      1. 'Heaven the Judicious sharp spectator is,//That sits and marks still who doth act amiss'
        1. Judicious - showing good sense
          1. Audience of play
            1. God watching and judging everyone (religious attitude of the time)
              1. Amiss - wrong or faulty
            2. 'Our mirth the music of division,'
              1. Merriment/laughter
                1. Children's laughter
                2. 'Where we are dressed for this short Comedy,'
                  1. Life is short/a joke
                  2. 'Our mother's wombs the tiring houses be,'
                    1. Unborn child
                      1. Dressing rooms
                      2. 'What is our life? A play of passion,//Our mirth the music of division,'
                        1. Half rhyme/partial rhyme
                          1. Gives a sense of uncertainty
                        2. 'Are drawn like curtains when the play is done,'
                          1. Death = ending of the play
                          2. 'Thus march we playing to our latest rest,'
                            1. Death
                            2. 'Only we die in earnest, that's no Jest.'
                              1. Earnest - showing serious feelings or intentions
                                1. Jest - joke
                                2. Structure
                                  1. Short like life
                                  2. Themes
                                    1. Life is like a play; people are always judging you
                                      1. 'Heaven the Judicious spectator is'
                                    2. Messages
                                      1. Life is a joke
                                        1. 'short Comedy'
                                          1. Death is taken seriously
                                            1. 'we die in earnest'
                                        2. Language
                                          1. Extended metaphor for life
                                            1. Some half rhymes - uncertainty
                                            2. Voice
                                              1. Poet
                                                1. Everyone
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