K101 - Transitions - Moving Home

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K101 - Transitions - Moving Home
  1. Transition - a process of changing from one state to another
    1. Leaving home or moving into a new care setting - day, weeks or permanent
      1. Voluntary/planned eg pregnant mother admits herself to labour ward
        1. Unexpected/unplanned eg Anwar Malik
          1. Leaving home is a major life transition
        2. 7 stages of transition
          1. 1 - numbness (shock/disbelief)
            1. 2 - Denial
              1. 3 - Depression
                1. 4 - Acceptance
                  1. 5 - Testing
                    1. 6 - Search for meaning (reflecting on new life)
                      1. 7 - Internalisation (understanding)
          2. Example - Ann 84. Transition from home to care home as forgetful, wandering, unable to care for herself.
            1. Sad at leaving home. Anger at being moved. Happier after a while. Missed home. Loss of control over own life. Not her decision. Difficulty in settling.
            2. Example - Peter Marris - equates losing home bereavement with anger, grief, pain
              1. Example - Pam. Learning difficulties. Mother suddenly dies & doesn't have chance to say goodbye
                1. Loses - mother, home, possessions, any say in her life & what will happen, photographs & momentos, local ties & connections
                  1. Missed opportunities for Pam - parents wishes about what should happen after their deaths, prepared pam for mothers death, cousin did not listen to wishes, social services did not support cousin/pam
                2. Home - a physical, social & psychological environment to which people become attached
                  1. Losing home experienced as bereavement
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