Quality of life in residential care

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Degree Introduction to health and social care (Block 4) Mind Map on Quality of life in residential care, created by Charlie_eeyore on 05/31/2013.

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The hospital environment
Managing transitions
Home as a place for care
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
K d
Yuvraj Sunar
Social inclusion and the social model of disability
Person -centred care
Leaving home
Block 4 Key points
Institutional living
Quality of life in residential care
1 Variation in care settings
1.1 Capabilites
1.1.1 Sonali Gardens assit people who are frail or disbaled Help and support with day-day tasks Undertake basic living skills
1.1.2 Cedar court nusring home Physical/mental health problems Enter text here
1.2 physical environemnt
1.2.1 Sonali Gardens pleasant shared spacees individual flats
1.2.2 Cedar court Drab, uniform Hospiatl like
1.3 Ways of working
1.3.1 Sonali Gardens Live the life the chose autonomous/self determining Shared care experiences no agenda
1.3.2 Cedar Court Hieracrchy professional and auxiliary staff objectifed residents staff rountine dominate
1.4 Quality of life
1.4.1 Sonali gardens Remain in control Staff on hand to assit and facilitae
1.4.2 Cedar court just basis needs food hygiene Shelter
2 Healthcare commsion 2007
2.1 institutional abuse occurs when rituals and routines result in lifestlyes sacrificed
2.2 low morake among staff
2.3 Shortage of staff
2.4 Poor quality
2.4.1 inadequate access for disabled people
2.4.2 Decorations and furnsihings
2.4.3 Insufficient space hoists - bathroom
3 Good Practice
3.1 maintian family contact
3.2 peopel to go out
3.3 sense of purpose
3.4 control
3.5 respect
3.6 ehance self esteem
3.7 Familar, domestic adn homely
3.8 different room diffeetn functions
4 right to expect
4.1 privacy and dignity
4.2 choice and control
4.3 Respect foe cultural and spirtual needs
4.4 health and well being
4.5 socila life adn activtes
4.6 enjoyable and varied meals
4.7 clean, comfortable and safe home
4.8 residents forum
4.9 protection form harm and abuse
5 coloir coding and orientation devices
6 Rita
6.1 Free spirt

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