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Book by Tim Green

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1 Mr. and Mrs. Constable
1.1 Harrison's foster parents
1.2 heartless and abusive
2 Harrison gets new foster parents
2.1 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly
2.1.1 Ron "Coach" Kelly Profession: English teacher and football coach
2.1.2 Jennifer Kelly Profession: Lawyer
3 Justin
3.1 Harrison's best friend
4 Major Bauer
4.1 Mr. Kelly's army friend
4.1.1 Pulled some strings to get Harrison the J72
4.2 He is helping Harrison through rehab
5 Mrs. Zebolt
5.1 Disrespectful math teacher
6 Becky Smart
6.1 Harrison's good friend that he likes
7 Leonard Howard
7.1 Bully that threatened Harrison
7.1.1 Pushed Harrison which made tear the cartilage in his knee
8 Doc Smart
8.1 Becky's dad
8.1.1 Refers him to go to a doctor for his knee to get a MRI
9 Marty
9.1 Harrison's new friend in the hospital
10 Mrs. Godfrey
10.1 Mrs. Kelly's mom
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