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1 Reasons for breakdown
1.1 A01
1.1.1 LACK OF SKILLS- some lack interpersonal skills, makes relationship unsatisfying eg poor at conversation. may find it unrewarding.
1.1.2 LACK OF STIMULATION- Eg boredom. people expect relationships to change and develop, if it doesnt, causes breakdown
1.1.3 MAINTENANCE DIFFICULTIES- Eg long distances. dont see eachother, so places strain on relationship, causing it to be difficult to maintain
1.2 A02
1.2.1 Supporting evidence... BOEKHOUT- Extramarital affairs due to lack of stimulation in current relationship. In male students-sexual boredom. In female students-emotional dissatisfaction BAXTER- when breaking up, often use of 'lack of stimulation' as reasoning, Observations of real life breakups CINA- Role of communication. 50 couples. Half given communication training, half not (control) Showed, those given the training had better marital quality
1.2.2 However... HOLT AND STONE- Long distances common in our mobile society. Found little decrease in satisfaction as long as lovers reunite regularly. ROHLFING- 70% of students sampled had had long distance relationship. Managed in mobile society
2 Model of breakdown
2.1 A01
2.1.1 1. Breakdown
2.1.2 2. Intrapsychic Processes
2.1.3 3. Dyadic Processes
2.1.4 4. Social Processes
2.1.5 5. Grave-Dressing Processes
2.1.6 6. Resurrection of Processes
2.2 A02
2.2.1 Supporting Evidence... TASHIRO AND FRAZIER- Recently broken up students, Experiences emotional distress, personal growth, given new insights into themselves and clearer idea about future partners Students, cant be generalised to married couples. Important because outlines how important communication is. Gives cues to the stage partner is in, helps to resolve issues and repair relationship
2.2.2 However... AKERT- Doesnt take into consideration who initiated the break up. One person may reach grave dressing phase before the other.
2.3 Rollie and Duck
3 A03
3.1 GENDER BIAS- Many women go through the social phase before men do. Women have higher oxytosin a 'tend and befriend' hormone'. Men have it but testosterone supresses it.
3.2 SOCIALLY SENSITIVE- May not tell truth. Ethical issues as may cause distress on pps.
3.3 REAL WORLD- lead to development of couples training. support- CINA

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