Biology revision 1- Structure of the human body

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Biology revision 1- Structure of the human body
1 The human skeleton contains 206 bones
2 Bones allow us to move, support and protect us
3 Bones are hollow, and contain marrow, which makes red blood cells
4 Invertebrates have no backbone, but a tough exoskeleton
4.1 Invertebrates have a backbone and internal skeletons called endoskeletons
5 Bones are light and strong
6 Muscles always work in pairs called antagonistic pairs.
7 Muscles are attatched to bones by cords called tendons
8 Muscles contain the movements of the joints
9 Muscles contract and expand to move joints
10 Types of joints are-hinge joints, knee joints, hip joints and ball and socket joints.
10.1 Knee joints are in the knee (obviously) and are not very special
10.2 HIinge joints only bend in one direction
10.3 Ball and socket joints allow twisting and bending
10.4 Hip joints also have no special features
10.5 Fixed joints are in the skull, where bones meet but there is no movement

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