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this is an easy to follow mind map on The online world :D i have been putting this together over the weeks and it contains generall notes on all my GCSE I.C.T. coursework.

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1 Search Engine result Pages
1.1 Bigger Search Engines
1.1.1 Yahoo
1.1.2 Google AltaVista
1.1.3 Bing Cuil
1.2 Register to appear higher up in search tables
1.2.1 google ads
1.2.2 ad words
1.3 Keyword searches
1.3.1 Pay for links When the user does a search these appear first
1.3.2 Also known as Ad Words
2 Email Marketing
2.1 spam
2.1.1 often not wanted your data such as email and phone number are often tracked kept on databases easier for companies to attract new people better rates on google the more people visit the site has a knock on effect
2.1.2 companies can buy emails to bring in new customers spam filters Such as (Anti-spam filtering), and (spam blocker+)
2.1.3 usually blockable
2.2 unsolicited bulk emails
2.2.1 targets existing and potential customers
2.3 most people find annoying :D
2.3.1 Very annoying!!! :D
3 Pay-Per click advertising
3.1 affiliate marketing
3.1.1 Amazon associates
3.1.2 Cost inflation can cause a big change in price that your ppc scheme costs Can cost lots
3.2 banners
3.2.1 types of motion banner hosted on websites not owned by the company can be pre paid The more users directed to your site the more money you have to pay
3.3 Can be paid for every time someine clicks the banner on your ste
3.3.1 Can get a small share of the product they purchsae through your RE-link Hosted on your site pay-per click- if someone is directed through your link you must pay set budgets can be set up
4 Online data storage
4.1 Is another type of online service
4.1.1 Many orgonisations provide this service Store and backup data keep data farely safe without using up pc hard drive different ecncryption types Good for online gaming buissiness document sharing and safe keeping
4.1.2 Also known as the cloud Does not require local area network connection (lan) or storage area network (san) It requires a (WAN) connection Wide area network to connect them both
6 Online Data Storage
6.1 The cloud
6.1.1 Youtube twitter FlickR
6.2 Files are less secure than files kept on a personal drive.
6.2.1 permanent/semi permanent
7 collaobartive working
7.1 part of sharing files over the internet
7.1.1 many different services can be used to compress/un compress files
7.1.2 Many different compressing algorithm's a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer
7.2 Zip folder can come in handy when sending large files over the internet
8.1 SENIOR PARTNER:FULL ACCESS TO ALL DOCUMENTS, to adjust data and produce analysis of the buisiness
8.2 ACCOUNTS CLERK:READ_ONLY< ACCESS TO CERTAIN DOCUMENTS> to enter the transactions from the documents into the clients accounts
8.3 JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT<READ ONLY, ACCESS TO ALL DOCUMENTS> To draw up the clients final accounts, but not make any adjustments
9.1 universal serial bus (uSB) is a serial transmission method which was introduced to make many of the connections to a computer look the same. Nowadays USB is used in a wide variety of devices, such as mobile telephones, memory sticks and MP3 players. USB ports also supply power to some devices. The maximum theoretical transmission rate for USB 2.0 is 480 Mbps, but this is shared among all devices on a USB hub, so the rate for each device will be less than this.
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