implications of online communication

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implications of online communication
1 social networking sites
2 Instant messaging
2.1 Advantages
2.1.1 Instant messaging is where you can sends messages in real time with a minamal cost compared to mobile phone charges.People use emotions to express there thoughts and feelings.
2.2 disadvantages
2.2.1 viruses can be spread
3 advantages
3.1 Social networking allows people to communicate with others. you can communicate interactively in real time anywhere in the world. Groups of likeminded people can share information, opinions and interests cheaply, normally for the cost of a broadband connection. Social networking provides a great way of staying in touch with friends and others.
4.1 People arent as socialable in person because they are on social betworking sites or on there smartphones.
5 voice over internet protocol
5.1 advantages
5.1.1 allows people to talk in real time and in messaging
5.1.2 available in between any two points in the world.
5.2 Disadvantages
5.2.1 voice can be distorted whilst talking
5.2.2 the security isnt good as they have the general internet problems such as spamming,virueses etc.
5.2.3 Another disadvantage is that it isnt really reliable.if there is a power cut then the broadband will not working.
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