Good VS. Evil

Olivia Dawkins
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A mind map on the theme of god and evil shown in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Good VS. Evil
1 How is evil explored in the novel?
1.1 Stevenson uses Hyde to represent evil and this is shown through the way the character looks, behaves and speaks
1.2 "The man seems hardly human! Something troglodytic" = This shows that Mr Hydes evil can be seenon his face.
1.3 "trampled calmly" = the contrasting verb and adverbs shows Hyde' disregard for the girls injuries
1.4 "snarled aloud with a savage laugh" = His viciousness and inhumanity are captured through the way he speaks.
2 How is goodness explored in the novella?
2.1 Dr Jekyll is the good to Mr Hyde evil. He has a respectable appearance and the metaphor "good shone upon the countenance" implies his virtuous nature.
2.2 In chapter 6, Stevenson adds that "he has always been known for charities, he has now no less distinguished for religion".
2.3 Mr Utterson and Dr Lanyon are also presented as good men and this can be extended to minor characters such as Poole and Mr Enfield. Although none are perfect, they all display respectable qualities, acts of kindness and Christian values
3 How does Stevenson explore the conflict between good and evil?
3.1 In the 19th century, human nature was often presented as being either good or evil. Stevenson felt this was too simplistic. Through the character of Dr Jekyll, he presents mankind as containing both good and evil, acknowledging that "in the agonised womb of consciousness, these polar twins should be continually struggling". The foetal imagery suggests that people are born with both instincts but one is more dominant than the other.
3.2 Even though Dr Jekyll chooses goodness, after being horrified by Hyde's actions, he is constantly tempted to return to evil and eventually gives in to this temptation.
3.3 The fact that the transformation into Mr Hyde then become involuntary suggests that once released, Dr Jekyll's evil side is stronger than his good. His Christian values seem no match for Hyde's immorality.
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