In Our Tenth Year

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In Our Tenth Year
1 Tone
1.1 Reflective
1.1.1 Looking back on relationship Harebell
1.1.2 Romance
1.2 Love + Strength
1.2.1 Fragility
1.3 What relationships can turn
2 Imagery
2.1 Harebell
2.1.1 Small, delicate, easily destroyed Suffered but survived Nature Dangerous flower = dangerous relationship Natural relationship
2.1.2 'If pressed still bleeds' Vivid memory
2.1.3 Artificially preserved Bad to hold onto things
2.1.4 Romance
2.2 'Pressed between sheets'
2.2.1 Infidelity Bed
2.3 Watercolour
2.3.1 Memory not accurate + hazy Less relevant TWO
2.4 Affair
2.4.1 Detailed for wife, hazy for husband 'Inventory of names and dates and times' TIMINGS! Decades etc.
2.4.2 'Tall, dark, handsome lies' Two seperate people Both responsible
2.4.3 Staying together for kids
2.4.4 Shocking still together
3 Structure
3.1 Three or for lines for each stanza
3.1.1 Involve you in poem
3.1.2 Cyclical nature of relationship Two seperate, joint final stanza
3.2 Assonance
3.2.1 Vowel sounds
3.2.2 Rhythem
3.2.3 Stanza = season Self-contained
3.3 Sonnet
3.3.1 But not love poem Fundamental nature Overcoming adversity
3.3.2 Monosybillic
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