Year 7 History Spanish Colonisation over the Aztecs

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Year 7 History Spanish Colonisation over the Aztecs
1 The Aztecs
1.1 The flag of the aztecs shows an eagle with a snake in it's mouth in the middle of a lake sitting on a cactus
1.2 The aztecs founded their city in 1325 on the marshes of lake texcoco in modern day mexico
1.3 Aztecs small, wralike tribe however over the following century, swept away opposition
1.4 One of the largest cities in the world: population 250000
2 Sapanish arrival
2.1 the spanish wanted to take over the americas as they heard stories of a gold land called el dorado
2.2 spanish wanted to open trade routes overseas to asia and that was the only place they could do so
2.3 the curiosity to discover and learn about the unknown
2.4 Belief that god wanted them to convert their religion to christianity
2.5 to promote their position in the world
3 the conquistadors
3.1 the men who led the discovery and conquering of the americas
3.2 christopher columbis
3.3 hernan cortes
4 the conquering of the incans by the spanish
4.1 in 1527 strange people arrived to the incas and the strange people carried a diease called small-pox
5 Impacts of colonistion
5.1 Disease
5.1.1 Small pox
5.2 religion
5.2.1 Christainity
5.3 Language
5.4 culture
5.5 government
5.6 Daily life
5.7 Enicomienda system spanish settlers provide catholic education in exchange for Aztec land, labour and tributes.
5.8 Obligation to provide education and protection ignored
5.9 Aztec were denied human rights inhuman working conditions.
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