The Age Of Exploration and Discovery

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The mind map of age of exploration

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The Age Of Exploration and Discovery
1 The period between 1450 and 1650 was an important time for exploration and discovery by europeons
1.1 Why people wanted new trade routes?
1.1.1 Safer and cheaper trade
1.1.2 Greed power and glory
1.1.3 Religion
1.1.4 The renaissance spirit
1.2 What made voyages possible?
1.2.1 Square sails
1.2.2 Triangular lateen sails
1.2.3 Clinker built
1.2.4 Large rudders
1.2.5 New aids to navigation Compass Log & Line astrolabe /quadrant portolan charts better sea maps
1.3 The Portuguese sail east to India
1.3.1 Prince Henry Never went on Voyage himself. Interested in ships and voyage so became known as Prince Henry the Navigator. Son of King John of Portugal. setup a school of navigation at Sages in Portugal. died in 1460
1.3.2 Barholm Diaz In 1487, reached a place he called Cape of Storms and traveled beyond the point of southern tip of Africa. Renamed Cape of storms to Cape of good hope.
1.3.3 Vasco da Gama In Kenya, he got an Arab pilot to guide his three ships to Calicut in India. 10 years after after Barholm Diaz, Vasco da Gam travelled around Africa as far as Malindi present day Kenya. Returned to Portugal with great quantities of cloves, cinnamon, rubies and many kinds of precious stones. The Portuguese ships now began to guard this new trade route. The Portuguese had now discovered a new, profitable and safe trade route to India.
1.4 Columbus goes west
1.4.1 He could discover a sea route by to China and India by sailing West into the Atlantic ocean.
1.4.2 Italian
1.4.3 7 years of pleading, Columbus finally persuaded king
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