5 Civilizations of the Americas (BC-1570 AD)


5 Civilizations of the Americas based on p. 20-21 of Prentice Hall World History textbook
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5 Civilizations of the Americas (BC-1570 AD)
  1. The Maya
    1. cleared forests to make corn
      1. each city-state had its own ruler
        1. social classes
          1. writing system and calendar
            1. Priests had power
            2. The Aztecs
              1. 30 mill. people empire
                1. conquered most of MX
                  1. tributes helped with $
                    1. payment from conquerees
                    2. single ruler
                      1. rituals to many gods
                        1. human sacrifices
                        2. The Incas
                          1. quickly conquered an empire
                            1. emperor with absolute power
                              1. ran efficient govt
                                1. kept records on quipus
                                  1. knotted colored strings
                                  2. own religion and language
                                    1. road system
                                    2. The Ancestral Puebloans
                                      1. best known SW society
                                        1. built pueblos of stone and adobe
                                          1. center of village was kiva
                                            1. underground chamber for rituals
                                            2. housing complexes by canyon walls
                                            3. The Mound Builders
                                              1. MS and OH river valleys
                                                1. Hopewell left behind earthen mounds
                                                  1. trade rt. from gulf of MX to Great Lakes?
                                                    1. replaced by Mississippians
                                                      1. grew corn/ other crops
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