Non-fiction paper 2

Sheran Johnson
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Sheran Johnson
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Mind map to help learners revise what's involve in Paper 2 Reading Non-fiction

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Non-fiction paper 2
  1. Features
    1. Audience
      1. Purpose
        1. Inform
          1. Persuade
        2. Writing activities based on reading
          1. Write a letter
            1. Write a speech
              1. Write an article
                1. Write a section for a text book
                2. Skills needed
                  1. Detailed reading
                    1. Skim
                      1. Scan
                        1. Predict
                          1. Guess unknown words
                            1. Understand main ideas
                              1. Understand text organisation
                                1. Understand a writer's purpose
                                2. Types of text
                                  1. Biography
                                    1. Article
                                      1. Travel writing
                                        1. Journal
                                          1. Blog
                                            1. Information leaflet
                                              1. Website
                                                1. Autobiography
                                                2. What examiners look for
                                                  1. Analyse the writer's use of language
                                                    1. Identify language devices by name
                                                      1. Pick out information
                                                        1. Use quotes or evidence to support ideas
                                                          1. Compare language and structure in 2 texts
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