Lexical Semantics

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Lexical Semantics
1 Puns
1.1 A bad joke
1.2 eg. Broken puppet for sale, no strings attatched,
2 Idioms
2.1 Well known phrases.
2.2 eg. Put to sleep
3 Euphemism
3.1 Making something out to be less rude then it is.
3.2 Little Ladies room
4 Metaphors
4.1 When a word is applied to another word
4.2 eg. Life is a roller coaster.
5 Similies
5.1 When something is compared to something
5.2 eg. The car was as shiny as the sea.
6 Rhetorical Questions
6.1 Questions which are asked where no answer is needed
6.2 eg. "What do you think?
7 Synonyms
8 Taboo Lexis
9 Neologism
9.1 Recently made words only just coming into use..
9.2 e.g. YOLO
10 Hyperbole
10.1 Any form of unlikely exaggeration
10.2 eg. Most Beautiful
11 Unusual Collocation
11.1 Words that would not usually go together
11.2 eg. Bitter Sweet.
12 Field Specific Lexis
12.1 Words which are only found with a certain topic
12.2 eg. Teams and Sports
13 Collocation
13.1 Words which are usually found together.
13.2 eg. Ice cold
14 Lexical Field
14.1 A theme which goes throughout a text.
14.2 eg. War
15 Dysphemism
15.1 Making something out to be worse then it is.
15.2 eg. Sleeping with the fishes
16 Ambiguity
16.1 Things with more than one meaning
16.2 A passerby helped dog bite victim
17 Connotation
17.1 Words which link to other words
17.2 eg. Cats, Dogs, Fish all connotate to Animals,
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