Respiratory System

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Respiratory System
1 Structure:
1.1 Nose: Air Goes To Pharynx
1.1.1 Pharynx: (Throat) Connects Nose To Larynx Larynx: Connects Pharynx To Trachea Trachea: Connects Larynx To Bronchi Bronchi: (The main tube that runs from the trachea to the bronchioles and tertiary bronchi) Bronchioles: The tertiary bronchus lead into the lungs Lung: The Main organ involved in respiration and ventilation Alveoli: Air sacs in lung and where gas exchange takes place
2 Function
2.1 Responsible For The Exchange Of Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide
2.2 Supplies Oxygen To The Blood
2.3 Gets Rid Of Carbon Dioxide And Other Waste Gasses
2.4 Inspiration And Expiration
2.5 Inside the cell, cellular respiration generates energy
3 Exchange Of Gasses
3.1 Internal
3.1.1 The Alveoli in the lungs have a high level of oxygen Blood In Capillaries Have a low level of oxygen
3.2 External
3.2.1 The blood in capillaries has a high level of carbon dioxide There is a low level of carbon dioxide in the alveoli of the lungs
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