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Settings for exercise play a major role in assisting an individual to become fit. Compare settings used in common fitness programs. When commencing exercise, there are various considerations that need to be taken into account by an individual. There are many settings for exercise available. Some of them include personal training, fitness centres, community facilities and exercising at home. Personal trainers can be available two ways: as a centre employee or self employed. They provide knowledge for people who don’t know much about exercise whilst being great motivators. The personal trainers focus on your unique health concerns and avoid wasting time. Even though this is an increasing setting for exercise, personal trainers are costly. In addition to this, they can be forceing and put you on the spot and can make you work more than you want. Exercising with a personal trainer does not enhance social wellbeing, as you don’t interact with anyone else for the period of time. To do exercise at a fitness centre is a common setting for those wishing to improve their fitness. Fitness centre’s provide a range of classes for the varying fitness levels of each individual. Conveniently, at a fitness centre, you are able to combine an aerobic workout with a resistance training. This fitness setting allow for its users to have access to weights are other specialized equipment which they cannot afford. Membership costs at fitness centres are high, and if an individual is suffering from anxiety or is self concious about their weight, seeing people may deter their confidence, in turn decreasing their mental wellbeing. Along with this, local councils provide the community with a large range of facilities that the public can utilise. Within larger communities, the availability of a wide range of facilities provides the individual with greater exercise choice. This increases the likelihood of finding a fitness activity that suits your needs. In addition to this, Individuals can access a large number of activities in one venue. Community facilities is an important setting for promoting physical activity to kids at an early stage as they are the set of team games and trainings. However, if using community facilities like tennis courts, soccer fields ect, you may need to purchase equipment eg. Tennis racquets  and tennis balls in order to use the associated facility. Exercise at home is especially convenient for those who work long hours or have children. Most people have turned to modern, new and innovative exercise equipment to improve/maintain their fitness, whilst remaining in the comforts of their own home or garage.  Along with these reasons, individuals who live in remote areas choose to exercise at home as traveling to and from the gym is costly and time consuming. These reasons explain the increasing demand for exercise products and a soar in the levels of people choosing to exercise at home. However, exercising while at home can have a negative effect on your motivation levels, as it quiet often becomes lonely, as there is no social interaction. Also, the home environment may not be supportive of personal goals and interests related to exercise. Overall, there are many different settings for exercise that assist individuals in becoming fit. Each setting will be ideal for different people, and the plethora of them allow for a diverse range of people to get fit and healthy.

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