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MFL mind map

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MFL Mind Map
1 Design
1.1 Observant of Details
1.1.1 Invisible problems Solve minor annoyances
1.1.2 Teaches us by design No instructions required Feels right
1.2 Learn from Nature
1.3 Enjoy things that are functionally & aesthetically pleasing
1.3.1 Make future fabrics "Comfy drysuits" "Warm & fast ski-wear" IoT Sport
1.4 Problem solving for better
1.4.1 Sustainable process & materials
1.4.2 Continuous Design Improvement
1.4.3 Holistic approach
1.4.4 Create the world you desire
2 Biology
2.1 Experience it everyday all around us
2.1.1 Water Scarce Float & Sink Need to live but can also be dangerous
2.1.2 Design in Nature Colors Patterns Structures Balance
2.2 Builds on itself (part of bigger whole)
2.2.1 Still more to discover
2.2.2 Secret information system
2.2.3 Magic puzzle
2.3 Relateable to everyone
2.3.1 Common language
2.3.2 Part of shared ecosystem
2.3.3 Makes us who we are
3 Entrepreneurship
3.1 Problem Solving
3.1.1 Valuable to Customer Modify Behavior Influence Culture
3.2 Independence
3.2.1 Self Empowered / Self Starter No Drama More Fun Marina's Makes & Bakes Shark Tank + DIY Digital freelance
3.3 Productive
3.3.1 Motivated to make things better
3.3.2 Creative Output
3.4 Sustainable
3.4.1 Applies to Many Types of Problems
3.4.2 Positive Impact on People, Society & Environment
4 Challenge
4.1 School
4.1.1 Academic Work (Grades) +Biology +French +Math
4.2 Games
4.2.1 Cards
4.2.2 Minecraft
4.2.3 GTA/JustDance/Farming
4.3 Creative
4.3.1 Performance Piano
4.3.2 Baking Chocolate Chip Perfection
4.3.3 Sewing Upcycle Couture Original Design
4.4 Water & Outdoors
4.4.1 Varsity & Club Sailing
4.4.2 Varsity Ski
4.4.3 Swim, Surf, Paddle
4.4.4 Outward Bound / Explorers

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