Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights
1 Characters
1.1 Frances
1.1.1 Hindley's silly, simpering wife, who treats Heathcliff Cruelly. She dies shortly after giving birth.
1.2 Joseph
1.2.1 A long- winded, frantically religious, elderly servant at Wuthering Heights. Joseph is strange, stubborn and unkind, and he speaks with a thick Yorkshire accent.
1.3 Mr Earnshaw
1.3.1 Catherine and Hindley's father. He adopts Heathcliff and brings him to live at Wuthering Heights. He prefers Heathcliff to Hindley, but hands down Wuthering Heights to Hindley when he dies.
1.4 Mrs Earnshaw
1.4.1 Catherine and Hindley's mother, who neither likes or nor trusts the orphan Heathcliff. She dies shortly after his arrival,
1.5 Zillah
1.5.1 Housekeeper at Wuthering Heights in the latter part of the novel.
1.6 Mr. Green
1.6.1 Edgar Linton's lawyer, who arrives too late to hear Edgar's final instruction to change his will. Which would have prevented heathcliff from gaining control over Thrushcross Grange.
1.7 Mrs. Linton
1.7.1 Snobby, does not like Heathcliff to go near her children. She teaches Catherine to be a gentle woman by instilling her with civilised social ambitions.
1.8 Mr Linton
1.8.1 Edgar and Isabella's father. Owner of Thrushcross Grange, established member of the gentry and well - mannered
1.9 Isabella
1.9.1 Edgar's sister, Linton's mother. Sees Heathcliff as a romantic figure, ruins her life by falling in love with him. Heathcliff's main tool in gaining revenge on Linton family.
1.10 Heathcliff
1.10.1 Brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw. Falls into an immense, unbreakable love with Catherine. Abused by Hindley. Catherine marries Edgar as it would degrade her to marry Heathcliff, dues to his humiliation and misery he leaves Wuthering Heights and returns seeking revenge on Hindley. Violence, fierce, powerful and cruel. Inherits both Wuthering Heights and Thr Grange.
1.11 Catherine Earnshaw
1.11.1 Daughter of Mr Earnshaw, falls intensely in love with Heathcliff. Claims that they are the same person. Her desire for social advancement drives her to marry Edgar. ( Free- spirited, beautiful, spoiled and often arrogant) Torn between her wild passion and her social ambitions. Dies after giving birth to Cathy.
1.12 Catherine Linton (Cathy)
1.12.1 Daughter of Edgar and Catherine, shares nature of her mother; strong headed, impetuous, occasionally arrogant. But Edgar tempers her and she is gentle and more passionate. Marries Linton and then Hareton.
1.13 Linton
1.13.1 Heathcliff and Isabella's son. Weak, sniveling, demanding, constantly ill. Raised by his mother until he is 13. Heathcliff despises Linton, but uses him as a means to inherit The Grange. Forces him to marry Cathy. Linton dies shortly after marriage.
1.14 Hindley
1.14.1 Catherine's brother. Mr Earnshaw's son. Resents Heathcliff. Inherits Wuthering Heights after his father dies. Abuses Heathcliff. when his wife dies after having Hareton. He lapses into alcoholism and dissipation.
1.15 Hareton
1.15.1 Son of Hindley and Frances Earnshaw, after Hindley dies, Heathcliff gets custody of Hareton and he degrades him ( non educated field worker) He mirrors the young Heathcliff.
1.16 Lockwood
1.16.1 Narration forms a frame around Nelly's. He is somewhat vain and presumptuous. Clumsy with inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. From domesticated region of England. Misunderstands events = unreliable narrator.
1.17 Nelly (Ellen)
1.17.1 Chief narrator. Sensible, Compassionate and intelligent. Mother figure of the characters.
1.18 Edgar
1.18.1 Tender, constant but cowardly man. Ideal gentleman, 'handsome', 'pleasant to be with', civilized virtues but don't help him.
2 Gothic Elements
2.1 Themes of: Violence, Love, Revenge, Madness, Death, Decay, Superstition and the Paranormal
2.1.1 Violence = Catherine, slaps and pinches Nelly..... Heathcliff throws iron weight and knife
2.1.2 Revenge = Heathcliff Vs. Hindley.... Heathcliff degrading Hareton.... Vs. Edgar
2.1.3 Madness = Catherine ..... Heathcliff messing with Catherine's corspe
2.1.4 Decay = landscape, human apperence and health
2.1.5 Death = 8/10 die = Catherine, Hindley, Earnshaw, Isabella. edgar, Linton and Heathcliff
2.1.6 Superstition and Paranormal = Necromancy and ghosts of both Catherine and Heathcliff
2.2 Settings: Extreme weather and landscapes and Isolated and haunted houses
2.2.1 Mores, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange
2.2.2 Bad events often assoiated with storms, especially Heathcliff. ( Wild and Passionate) Constant change of waether to associate different events
2.2.3 Estates of the moors are distanced from one another.... Old dark, haunting feel of Wuthering Heights
2.2.4 Language surrounding Settings and Weather
2.3 Character Tyrants
2.3.1 Hindley overwhelmed that Heathcliff is Mr Earnshaws favourite even though he is not his child
2.3.2 Heathcliff's motivation is revenge... He is the focus of revenge. Uses people for he's benefit
2.4 Destruction of Love
2.5 Social Class
2.5.1 Problems within the novel, due to property ownership, as this is only a privilege to the middle class and above
2.5.2 Heathcliff automaticatically from a lower class as he is an orphan and has been denied the rights to education - the lack of education in Wuthering Heights automatically makes you of a lower class.
2.6 Motifs
2.6.1 Reoccuring structures, contrasts e.g. comparison between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Ghosts, Dreams, unrealiablity, Violence, Degrading, weather, Love, nature and culture, property and education. etc.
2.7 Doubles
2.8 Nature vs Culture
3 Key Events
3.1 Entrapment
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