Environment and Evolution

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Environment and Evolution
  1. Adaptations
    1. Desert Animals
      1. Large Surface Area Compared to Volume
        1. Lets Desert Animals lose more body heat - helps stop overheating
        2. Efficient With Water
          1. producing small amounts of concentrated urine
            1. produce very little sweat - camels tolerate changes in heat, kangaroo rats live in burrows underground
            2. Good in Hot Conditions
              1. Very thin layers of body fat and a thin coat to help them lose body heat - camels keep nearly all of their fat in their humps
              2. Camouflage
                1. A sandy colour gives good camouflage - to help them avoid predators or sneak up on prey
              3. Arctic Animals
                1. Small surface area compared to volume
                  1. Compact rounded shape - keeping SA to a minimum (reduces heat loss)
                  2. Well insulated
                    1. Thick layer of blubber - for insulation (also an energy store for when food is scarce
                      1. Thick hairy coats to keep body heat in and greasy fur sheds water (this prvent cooling due to evaporation
                      2. Camouflage
                        1. Arctic animals have white fur to blend in with the snow - to help avoid predators or sneak up on prey
                      3. Desert Plants
                        1. Microorganisms
                          1. Plants&Animals
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