Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease

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Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease
1 1857 Germs Make Liquids Go Sour
1.1 After the failure of fermentation regarding alcohol, Pasteur examined the liquid to discover thousands of micro-organisms from underneath the microscope. He then concluded that it was these micro-organisms that caused the alcohol to go sour.
1.1.1 1863 Pasteur Develops Pasteurisation The wine industry of France was deteriorating due to much of the wine going off. Pasteur examined the wine under his microscope and announced that there was bacteria contaminating the wine. He explained that this bacteria could be killed by slowly heating the liquid at a gentle heat. This same technique was used to decontaminate beer and milk. 1864 Proving Spontaneous Generation Wrong and the Germ Theory Right After previous experiments regarding wine, beer and milk, Pasteur was convinced that germs caused liquids to go sour and that they were airborne organisms. He had recieved much money from Napoleon to continue his research. An experiment of his included boiling liquid in a selection of flasks, but leaving the same amount of liquid in flasks unboiled for 24 hours, allowing any process to take place. After this duration of time, the unboiled liquids had grew mould, whereas the boiled flasks were fine. When the necks of these flasks were removed, it allowed excess air to enter - mould grew upon the liquid in the the flasks containing unboiled liquid. 1865 Pasteur Shows That Disease In Animals Is Caused By Germs An epidemic was ruining the French silkworm industry. In consequence to solving this problem, Pasteur had discovered that the silkworms were suffering from pebrine and also proved his theory that germs were airborne organisms. 1865 Pasteur Turns To Human Disease But Suffers Setbacks Pasteur's daughter died at the age of two and by then, Pasteur was sure that airborne microbes were the cause of human diseases. His daughters death motivated him to prove this. Within the same year, France was hit with cholera. With the intention to prove his germ theory, Pasteur squatted by the ventilators that led to cholera ward of a hospital then took samples of the air. After examining them all using a microscope, he had now discovered may different organisms and hand wasn't sure which was the cause for cholera. Three years later, Pasteur suffered a stroke and was paralysed in the left side of his body.
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