Levels of processing theory

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Levels of processing theory
1 Type 1 processing is shallow processing which uses maintenance rehearsal. This leads to a weak engram and therefore trace decay can occur
1.1 Type 2 processing is deep processing and uses elaborative rehearsal. This leads to a strong engram that is a long lasting memory trace
1.1.1 This gives us the three levels to processing which are: structural (color and appearance), intermediate processing called phonetic (sound) and semantic (meaning)
2 Craik and Tulving 1975 -
2.1 Aim - to investigate how shallow and deep processing affects memory recall
2.1.1 Results - Participants recalled more words that were semantically processed than structural or phonetic Conclusion - structural and phonetic words use shallow processing and semantic words use deep processing
3 The LOP theory can be applied to real life as it can help students and teachers learn how to revise properly and do better at exams
3.1 Create an image in your head
3.1.1 Discuss with someone Link the information with something that you can relate to
4 Referance - simplypsychology.org/levelsofprocessing.html
5 Strengths are that it highlights that some infomation is processed deeper than others and showed that memory isn't a straight foreward process
5.1 Weakness are is that it doesn't explain how or why some information is processed deeper than other information and the concept of 'depth' is vague so cannot be measured
6 The process used at encoding determine how effectively the memory is stored
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