European Explorers

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European Explorers
1 Motives
1.1 Spice trade
1.1.1 Spices unavailable in Europe= high demand high prices and great profit
1.1.2 Muslims and Italians controled it Italians would buy it from muslims Then Europeans would buy it from Italians for very high price
1.2 Religion
1.2.1 Spread christianity
1.2.2 Crusades= hostility towards muslims
2 Famous explorers
2.1 Christopher Columbus


  • Spanish explorer. Was the first european explorer to reach america.
2.2 Bartolomew Dias


  • Portuguese explorer. Spread christianity to the people of Asia. His motives where: To serve God and his Majesty, to give light to those who were in darkness and to grow rich as all men desire to do. Ventured down the coast of Africa until he reached the tip. As they arived a storm blew them to the other side but they were too tired to continue and went back to Portugal.
2.3 Vasco de Gama


  • Portuguese explorer who explored the east African coast. Found a direct sea route to india. When in India he fills boat out with spices and silk that brought 60 times the cost of the trip.
2.4 Marco Polo


  • Italian explorer. reached the court of Kublai Khan in china (1275). 
3 Spain vs Portugal
3.1 Tordesilas
3.1.1 Pope Alexander VI made an imaginary line
4 Technology
4.1 Caravel
4.1.1 Boat with triangular sails able to sail upwind
4.2 Navigation techniques
4.2.1 Astrolabe Brass circle with carefully adjusted rings marking the degrees
4.2.2 Magnetic Compas
5 Portugal
5.1 Prince Henry
5.1.1 Conquered the Muslim city of Ceuta Discovered spices+gold
5.1.2 Opened a navigation school
5.2 Captured the strait of Malaca
5.2.1 Sold spices for 1/5 of the price the Italians where
6 Dutch
6.1 Set up a East India company
6.2 Increased their control over the east India trade
6.3 were very powerful and drove out the potugese
7 England
7.1 Focused on its outposts in India
7.1.1 Traded Indian cloth
8 France
8.1 Sturgled due to attacks from the dutch
8.1.1 Never made a profit
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