Religion and Science

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Religion and Science
1 Scientific ideas about the origins of the world and of humanty
1.1 Big Bang
1.1.1 14-18 billion years ago
1.1.2 Started with a release of energy
1.1.3 Galaxies formed
1.1.4 Gases cooled- Forming planets and stars
1.1.5 Evidence Continued expansion of the universe Red shift Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation
1.2 Evolution
1.2.1 Darwin's theory of evolution
1.2.2 Species have not always been the same
1.2.3 They adapt and change to their surroundings
1.2.4 Makes it easier to survive
1.2.5 Strongest survive Survival of the fittest
1.2.6 Humans one of these species
2 Christian ideas about the origins of the world and of humanity
2.1 Creation Story
2.1.1 Day 1- God created light and darkness
2.1.2 Day 2- God created sea and sky
2.1.3 Day 3- God created dry land and plant
2.1.4 Day 4- God created sun moon stars and seasons
2.1.5 Day 5- God created birds and sea monsters
2.1.6 Day 6- God created humans and animals
2.1.7 Day 7- God rested and blessed the day
2.2 Fundamentalist- Creationist- Takes story literally
2.3 Liberal- Story with meaning made to be comprehendable
2.4 Origins of humans
2.4.1 Created on day 6
2.4.2 Adam and Eve placed in Garden of Eden
2.4.3 Placed in charge of animals
2.4.4 Eve disobeyed God so they were thrown out
3 The relationship between the ideas
3.1 John Polkinghorne- Scientist and Vicar- 'When scientists prove order they prove God'
3.2 Different time scales- Creationist think it happened 6000 years ago
3.3 Scientist aren't interested in God
3.3.1 Religion- Why?
3.3.2 Science- How?
3.4 Science shows world as random and chaotic
3.4.1 Christians say there was plan and purpose
4 Christian views about what sets people apart from animals
4.1 Christians can form a closer relationship with God
4.2 Humans were given a soul
4.2.1 'God breathed life into Adam'
5 Christian attitudes towards animals and their treatment
5.1 Dominion- We are in charge of the animals, and they are ours to do as we see fit
6 Christian ideas about stewardship and their responses to environmental issues
6.1 Stewardship- We were created to look after God's creations
6.2 A Rocha
6.2.1 Environmentalist group
6.2.2 Volunteers look after their local community
6.3 Shouldn't exploit God's creations
6.4 'Earth is the Lord's' -Psalm 24
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