Plant Reproduction

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Plant Reproduction
1 Sexual
1.1 Flowers
1.1.1 produces male cells pollen formed in the anther of the male part stamen
1.1.2 female cells egg cells formed in ovary of female part carpel
1.2 cells join together
1.2.1 form seeds
2 Reproduction in Plants
2.1 Pollination
2.1.1 Transfer of pollen from the stamen (anther) of one plant to the carpel (stigma) of another
2.2 Fertilisation
2.2.1 Fusion of male gamete nucleus with the female gamete nucleus to form a zygote
2.3 Seed and Fruit Formation
2.4 Seed Dispersal
2.5 Germination
3 Pollination
3.1 Insect-pollinated
3.1.1 attract insects large, colourful, scented petals nectaries to produce nectar
3.1.2 pollen carried on insects
3.1.3 stamens/carpels inside
3.2 Wind-pollinated
3.2.1 pollen carried in wind much more pollen
3.2.2 stamens/carpels outside
4 Fertilisation
4.1 occurs after pollen has landed on stigma of the carpel
4.2 pollen tube grows out of the pollen grain
4.2.1 grows down through the style of the carpel tube enters ovary which holds the egg
4.3 male nucleus passes down through the pollen tube and fuses with the female egg nucleus
4.3.1 forms zygote Text here

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