Birmingham CBD Regeneration

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Birmingham CBD Regeneration
1 New apartments built
1.1 luxury and modern
1.1.1 aim to make it 'trendy' to live in the CBD
1.2 aimed at young urban professionals
1.3 edge of CBD/zone of assimilation
1.4 reurbanisation
2 ICC and Symphony Hall
2.1 "International Convention Centre"
2.2 11 state of the art halls
2.3 completed in 1991
2.4 premium venue
3 The Mailbox
3.1 high class, exclusive district
3.2 range of designer stores ie DKNY
3.3 aimed at young urban professionals
3.4 range of bars and cafes
3.5 expensive salons
3.6 secure 24 hour parking
3.7 2 hotels
3.8 gym
4 The NIA
4.1 concerts from large bands and artists
4.1.1 brings a great deal of money and tourism to the area
5 Brindley Place
5.1 improved canal network
5.2 'trendy' bars, nightclubs and restaurants
6 The Bullring Shopping Centre
6.1 £500 million redevelopment
6.2 over 140 shops and restaurants opened
6.3 3100 new car parking spaces
6.4 8000 + jobs created
6.5 existing landmarks nearby cleaned and restored to look attractive
7 Reason for decline
7.1 accessibility of other cities that had better reputations
7.1.1 ie London, Manchester
7.1.2 less than one hour on the train
7.2 competition
7.2.1 internet shopping
7.2.2 out of town shopping centres ie Merry Hill, Dudley
7.3 not enough parking spaces
7.3.1 overly expensive
7.4 shoppers open to the elements on the high street
7.5 high rent in the CBD
7.6 Perceptions of high crime
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