The rise of the Nazi party

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This is about the Nazi Party from its beginnings to Hitler becoming Chancellor in 1933. (Munich Putsch is included in my other mind map about the Weimar period) For History GCSE with AQA. Enjoy!

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The rise of the Nazi party
  1. Formation of the party
    1. Formed 1919 as German Workers' Party
      1. Hitler joins as the 555th member in 1919
        1. Key ideas
          1. Anti-Weimar republic
            1. November Criminals
            2. Anti-ToV
              1. Hates Communism
                1. Anti-democracy
              2. Stage 1: VIOLENCE
                1. SA - Sturmabteilung
                  1. Formed 1920
                    1. Led by Ernst Röhm
                      1. Thuggish
                        1. Loyal to Hitler
                        2. They basically went around beating up communists
                        3. Munich Putsch
                          1. See Weimar period mind map
                            1. Ended with Hitler gaining recognition
                              1. He also decided only to use democracy from now on to gain power
                                1. Televised trial
                                  1. Mein Kampf
                                    1. Established self as extreme right leader
                                2. Stage 2: gaining support
                                  1. Strengths of the Nazi party
                                    1. Propaganda
                                      1. Classes were held for members to improve their public speaking
                                        1. Goebbels was head of Propaganda
                                          1. Published loads of leaflets and posters
                                            1. Promised Arbeit und Brot
                                              1. Incredibly effective
                                                1. At first aimed at working classes
                                                  1. Ineffective - they chose communists instead
                                                    1. Then aimed at middle classes and farmers
                                                      1. They were scared of communists so naturally liked the anti-communist Nazis
                                                    2. Also used radio
                                                      1. Very flexible - if a policy wasn't popular they dropped it
                                                        1. Made people scared of communists
                                                          1. Hitler portayed as some superman
                                                      2. Party overall very organised
                                                        1. Militaristic
                                                        2. Cooperated with other parties
                                                          1. e.g. Nationalists
                                                        3. Weaknesses of the Weimar government
                                                          1. The Great Depression 1929
                                                            1. Wall street crash happened
                                                              1. US asked for Dawes Plan loans back
                                                                1. German industries couldn't cope
                                                                  1. Extreme unemployement
                                                                    1. 6 Million by 1933
                                                              2. Weimar gov too scared to do anything without Stresemann
                                                                1. Didn't want hyperinflation again
                                                                  1. People saw them as being useless
                                                                    1. They went for extreme parties instead
                                                                2. Increased tax a lot
                                                                  1. People were already starving - this made it worse
                                                                  2. Stesemann the absolute unit died
                                                                    1. Social Democrats withdrew from the coalition
                                                                      1. President Hindenburg had to rely on article 48 a lot
                                                                        1. Emergency powers meaning he didn't have to put things throught the Reichstag
                                                                          1. Made people angry
                                                                      2. Becoming Chancellor
                                                                        1. The Nazis became the largest Party in 1932
                                                                          1. But Hindeburg didn't allow Hitler to become chancellor
                                                                          2. Franz von Papen was chancellor
                                                                            1. Unpopular
                                                                              1. Authoritarian
                                                                                1. Tried to make deal with Hitler, getting Nazi support
                                                                                  1. Hitler refused
                                                                                    1. Didn't want to be associated with a failing government
                                                                                  2. He resigned in December due to pressure
                                                                                    1. Kurt von Schleicher became chancellor
                                                                                      1. Tried to control the Nazis' worst behaviour, but failed
                                                                                        1. Also tried to make a deal with Hitler, offering Hitler place as a chancellor
                                                                                          1. Hitler refused again
                                                                                            1. Without Nazi support, his government remained unpopular
                                                                                          2. Von Papen wanted revenge on him
                                                                                            1. Plotted with Hitler to get rid of von Schleicher
                                                                                              1. Made deal to have Hitler as chancellor, and him as vice
                                                                                                1. With cabinet of mostly non-Nazis
                                                                                                  1. He thought he could keep Hitler under control
                                                                                                2. Hindenburg reluctantly agreed
                                                                                                  1. Von Schleicher sacked, Hitler in
                                                                                                    1. Then all hell broke loose...
                                                                                                      1. January 1933
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