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Passive Voice
1 Focus on the action
1.1 "The bike was stolen"
2 Diference between Active Voice
2.1 Can be more polite
2.1.1 "A mistake was made"
3 Structure
3.1 Subject + Finite form of to be + Past participle
3.1.1 A letter + was + written
4 Main Idea
4.1 Don't need/have/necessary to know
4.1.1 Where
4.1.2 When
4.1.3 Who
5 Rewriting active sentences
5.1 Object = Subject
5.2 Finite form of verb = to be + past participle
5.3 Subject = Object/ Can be dropped
6 Examples
6.1 Simple present
6.1.1 Passive: "A letter is written by Rita"
6.1.2 Active: "Rite writes a letter"
6.2 Simple past
6.2.1 Active: "Rita wrote a letter"
6.2.2 Passive: "A letter was written by Rita"
6.3 Present Perfect
6.3.1 Active: "Rita has written a letter"
6.3.2 Passive: "A letter has been written by Rita"
6.4 Future 1
6.4.1 Active: "Rita will write a letter"
6.4.2 Passive: "A letter will be written by Rita"
6.5 Present Progressive
6.5.1 Active: "Rita is writing a letter"
6.5.2 Passive: "A letter is being written by Rita"
6.6 Past Progressive
6.6.1 Active: "Rita was writing a letter"
6.6.2 Passive: "A letter was being writen by Rita"
6.7 Past Perect
6.7.1 Active: "Rita had written a letter"
6.7.2 Passive: "A letter had being written by Rita"
6.8 Future 2
6.8.1 Active: "Rita will have written a letter"
6.8.2 Passive: "A letter will have being written by Rita"
6.9 Conditional 1
6.9.1 Active: "Rita would write a letter"
6.9.2 Passive: "A letter would being written by Rita"
6.10 Conditional 2
6.10.1 Active: "Rita would have written a letter"
6.10.2 Passive: "A letter would have being written by Rita"
7 Sentences with two objects
7.1 One of the two object becomes the subject
7.1.1 The change depends on which action do you want to focus on Active: "Rita wrote (1) a letter (2) to me" Passive: "A letter was written (1) to me (2) by Rita" Passive: "I was written (1) a letter (2) by Rita"
8 Personal and Impersonal
8.1 The object of the active becomes the subject of the passive
8.1.1 Every verb that needs an object can form a personal passive They build houses. - Houses are built.
8.1.2 The verbs without an object are called intransitive, and only can form impersonal passive He says. - It is said. Only possible with verbs of perception Say Think Know
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