Short term effects of exercise (cardiovascular)


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Short term effects of exercise (cardiovascular)
  1. Cardiovascular
    1. Cardiac Output (Q) = SV x HR
      1. SV - Every time the heart beats,, blood is pumped out
        1. Ventricles contract with a higher force
          1. S.A Node
            1. 40-50% of blood is pumped out
          2. Heart Rate increases
            1. Adrenaline is released
            2. Trained athlete = Rest: SV (105ml/beat), HR = 60 BPM...
              1. Trained athlete = Maximum: SV (190mll/beat), HR = 192 BPM
              2. Increase in blood pressure
                1. Systolic value and diastolic value (120/80)
                  1. Systolic = pressure in the artery, when your heart is beating.
                    1. Diastolic value = pressure in the artery between beats
                    2. Exercise tends to affect the systolic value more than the disatolic
                    3. Blood redirects throught the vascular shunt
                      1. 20% of your blood to muscles at rest
                        1. Vasoconstriction
                          1. Vasodilations
                          2. 84% of your blood to the muscles when exercising
                        2. Blood volume
                          1. Goes down (10%)
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