Mitral regurgitation

Laura Smitherman
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Laura Smitherman
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Postgraduate Medicine Cardiology Mind Map on Mitral regurgitation, created by Laura Smitherman on 03/10/2015.

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Mitral regurgitation
1 symptoms
1.1 progressive exertional dyspnoea
1.2 palpitations
1.3 fatigue
1.4 severe
1.4.1 pulmonary oedema
2 signs
2.1 pulse
2.1.1 jerky
2.1.2 ?AF
2.2 chest
2.2.1 fine bibasal crackles PO due to LV overload
2.2.2 parasternal heave left atrial enlargement
2.2.3 loud P2 pulmonary HTN
2.2.4 Pansystolic murmur at apex radiates to axilla loudest on expiration
2.2.5 systolic apical thrill
2.2.6 apex beat displaced thrusting
3 causes
3.1 rheumatic fever
3.2 prolapsing leaflets
3.3 papillary muscle dysfuction
3.4 rupture after inferior MI
3.5 cardiomyopathy
3.6 Ventricular dilatation/ dysfunction
4 pathophysiology
4.1 chronic
4.1.1 volume overload atrial dilatation ventricular dilatation
5 management
5.1 pulmonary congestion
5.1.1 diurectics
5.2 acute regurgitation
5.2.1 vasodilators
5.3 AF
5.3.1 digoxin
5.3.2 anticoagulants
5.4 mitral valve replacement
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