Canadian and American Relations

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Mind map of Canadian and American relations

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Canadian and American Relations
1 Trade
1.1 Who: US government widening the Canadian market for US goods and services (e.g, banking, data services)
1.2 What: There are more American supplies & Jobs in Canada at the moment
1.3 When: Oct. 4 1987 both countries agreed to the Canadian- United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA)
1.4 Where: Ratified by the US Congress and by the Canadian Parliament and where relevant the provincial governments
1.5 Why: The US can have larger income in supplies, to grow their American companies and to have more jobs in Canada
1.6 How: Growing US companies and limiting Canadian companies, Americans can't use Canadian supplies and US took ownership of Canada's mining, oil and gas and manufacturing industries
2 Culture
2.1 Who: American culture and Canadian Culture
2.2 What: Canada is being americanized based on America's culture such as (radio, motion pictures)
2.3 When: time period of 1930-1945
2.4 Where: Most of the exports from America went to Toronto and Montreal
2.5 Why: The Canadian tried to regulate broadcasting and film but largely failed
2.6 How: The CBC radio progressively made the Culture happen
3 Security and Prosperity
3.1 Who: The US wanted to build a ballistic missile defence shield
3.2 What: Canadian didn't want to participate with the US to build a ballistic missile defence shield in the result of 9/11
3.3 When: 2005
3.4 Where: Canadian and American border
3.5 Why: The goal remains to stop criminals and terrorists without hindering trade or tourism
3.6 How: Bush's departure from office and the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009 marked the beginning of improved relations between the two countries
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