Haiti Earthquake

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Case Study of an earthquake in an LEDC, Haiti earthquake in January 2010.

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Haiti Earthquake
1 About
1.1 Jan 2010
1.2 Magnitude 7
1.3 Epicentre 25km WSW from Port au Prince
1.4 Focus 8km deep
2.1 It occurred at the plate boundary between the North American plate and the Carribean plate
2.1.1 Conservative plate boundary, so they were moving in the same direction but one was moving faster than the other, which caused friction in faults in the margin. The pressure built up and was eventually released in a sudden jerk which caused the quake
3.1 Primary
3.1.1 230,000 dead
3.1.2 300,000 injured
3.1.3 250,000 homes destroyed. 60% of governmental buildings destoyed, and 90% of overall buildings destroyed.
3.1.4 Over 1000,000 homeless
3.2 Secondary
3.2.1 Bodies piled up on streets (morgues/hospitals full) so diseases such as cholera spread
3.2.2 People died of starvation
3.2.3 In 2012 500,000 still homeless or in temporary accomodation
3.2.4 1 in 5 people lost their jobs
4.1 Immediate
4.1.1 The US donated $100 million
4.1.2 The EU donated $300 million
4.1.3 Oridinary citizens helped with the search for survivers, digging with their hands.
4.1.4 Rescue teams sent in and medical supplies, food and water sent in by international aid organisations
4.2 Long Term
4.2.1 Aid organisations set up cash/food for work schemes for the 70% still without a job
4.2.2 Temporary schools created with trainee teachers.
4.2.3 The US recently opened two of the piers in the capitals port to allow ships to enter.
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