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  1. Consiste En
    1. Preparar a los estudiantes que realizan la preparación con el fin de que obtengan un puntaje en el examen IETLS, el cual es requisito de grado
    2. Requiere De
        1. Efecto 'Washback' (Alderson y wall 1993)
          1. Influencia de las evaluaciones en el proceso de enseñanza y aprendzaje
            1. “there are many reasons why this might have been happening, but the most obvious one that emerged from later interviews was that many teachers did not really understand what the exam was testing or what the textbook was teaching in the first place”. (Wall and Alderson, 1993, p 55)
              1. “the Washback Hypothesis seems to assume that teachers and learners do things they would not necessarily otherwise do because of the test”. Taylor (2005, p 54)
            2. Badger, Yan (2008)
              1. Teaching Methodology
                1. learning materials ! assessment
                  1. Language practice activities
                    1. instructional content and presentation
                      1. Pedagogical orientation
                        1. Teacher and learner roles
                          1. "Within a Chinese context, the choice of methods can be seen as being between grammar translation (GT), the audio-lingual method (AL) and CLT (Hu, 2005b p 637). We considered whether task-based learning (TBL) might be seen as an alternative to these methods" p5
                            1. Grammar translation
                              1. Audio-Lingual
                                1. Communicative Language teaching
                            2. P Rea-Dickins, R Kiely, G Yu - IELTS research reports, 2007
                              1. Effects of a task-based methodology
                              2. JD Brown - IELTS Research Reports, 1998
                                1. Does IELTS preparation work? An application of the context-adaptive model of language program evaluation
                                2. LF Bachman - Tesol Quarterly, 1991
                                  1. What does language testing have to offer?
                                3. MATERIALES QUE SE UTILIZAN
                                  1. Badger, Yan (2008)
                                    1. "we would suggest that IELTS-focused books are core, with a range of other textbooks and authentic/teacher designed materials being used to support them"
                                  2. VARIABLES A ESTUDIAR
                                    1. el número de estudiantes en el salón
                                      1. el conocimiento aprendido de algunos estudiantes sobre la estructura del examen
                                        1. el momento en el que los estudiantes toman el examen (es decir en qué punto de su carrera lo hacen)
                                          1. el puntaje que obtienen los estudiantes luego de terminar el taller
                                            1. cuánto tiempo pasa después de curso para que los estudiantes presenten el examen
                                              1. cuántos estudiantes deciden tomar el examen después de haber culminado con el taller, y cuál es el puntaje que obtienen aquellos que lo presentan
                                  3. Cursos ofrecidos en las universidades y cursos ofrecidos en el mercado
                                    1. Cuadros terminados. Cursos IELTS descartados ppor no estar bajo las mismas condiciones y contexto como el taller de la LICENCIATURA
                                    2. LANGUAGE ASSSESSMENT AND TESTING
                                      1. LINGUÍSTICA APLICADA
                                        1. P Rea-Dickens - 2000
                                          1. TEXT: Classroom assessment
                                          2. JD Brown, T Hudson - 1998
                                            1. K Bailey, JD Brown - Learning, 1999
                                              1. Learning about Language Assesment: Dilemmas, Decisions, and Directions & New Ways of Classroom Assessment
                                              2. BK Lynch - 2003
                                                1. Language testing
                                                2. JW Oller Jr - 1983 - ERIC
                                                  1. Issues in language testing research.
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