Social Learning Theory

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Social Learning Theory
  1. Aggression is learned and reinforced through observation and imitation of role models.
    1. Direct = Aggressive behaviour because they have previously bee rewarded.
      1. Vicarious = Child see's role model being rewarded, imitates the behaviour.
      2. Likely to imitate if; same sex, higher status or same age.
      3. Stages of Role Modelling
        1. 1. Attention
          1. 2. Retention
            1. 3. Reproduction
              1. 4. Motivation
              2. Bandura's BoBo Doll (1961)
                1. Tested 36 boys and 36 girls,from the Stanford University Nursery School, aged 3 - 6 years.
                  1. 1. Children watched videos of role models playing with the building sets, some saw the role model some showing aggressive behaviour (hitting and kicking) towards the BoBo Doll.
                    1. 2. When the children were allowed to play with the doll, the ones who watched the aggressive behaviour showed aggression towards the BoBo Doll, opposite to the other group of children.
                    2. Children observe and imitate aggression through their peers, parents, TV and computer games.
                      1. The London Riots 2011
                        1. Young people observed the riots on TV and imitated to the behaviour to get awards such as free goods (looting) OR recognition from their peers (both positive reinforcement, motivation)
                      2. SLT thus suggests a child will behave aggressively if rewarded for the behaviour.
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