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Covering all sections needed for conformity in the topic social influence.

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1 A change in belief or behavior in order to fit in. in response to real or imagined group pressure.
2 Two causes
2.1 Normative social influence is the desire to be liked, not wanting to appear foolish or left out
2.2 Informational social influence is the desire to be right, looking to others who we believe have more info.
3 Two types
3.1 compliance
3.1.1 when a person conforms out loud (publicly) with the views of behaviors expressed by others. continue to privately disagree.
3.2 Internalisation
3.2.1 views of the group are internalised deeply and permanently.
3.2.2 Views become personal
4 Studies
4.1 Sherif 1935
4.1.1 Demonstrated that people conform to group norms when put into an ambiguous situation. He used the autokinetic effect. First individually tested pts then manipulated groups of three.
4.1.2 Group converged to a similar estimate.
4.2 Asch 1951
4.2.1 Saw problems with sherifs study No correct answer
4.2.2 Used the line judgement task. He put a naive participant in a room full of confederates. The answer was always obvious. 75% participants conformed with the confederates on at least one trial
5 Factors affecting conformity
5.1 Perrin and Spencer
5.1.1 Suggested Aschs study was a child of its time
5.1.2 Carried out a replication using engineering, mathematics and chemistry students.
5.1.3 Only 1/396 trials did a observer conform.
5.1.4 A cultural change has taken place
5.2 Private or public
5.3 Gender
5.4 Difficulty of task
5.5 individual confidence
6 Zimbardo et al
6.1 To see whether people will conform to new social roles.
6.1.1 Male psychology students. called off after 6 days. They conformed to social roles and changed their behaviors. guards became too brutal. prisoners became too distressed.
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