Research methods

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Research methods
1 Variables
1.1 The independent variable is the variable that a researcher manipulates which has a direct effect on the DV.
1.2 The dependent variable is the variable that is affected by changes in the DV.
1.3 (IV) affects (DV)
2 Hypothesis
2.1 Directional (one tailed) is knowing the direction of results. tells you what effect the IV has on the DV.
2.2 Non-directional (two tailed) is if the hypothesis just suggests that there is going to be a difference due to the IV but doesn't tell you how its directed.
2.3 Null hypothesis: there will be no significant difference between (condition 1) and (condition 2) in terms of the (DV). Any difference will be due to chance.
3 sampling
3.1 Random
3.2 Volunteer
3.3 Opurtunity.
4 Experimental design
4.1 Independent groups . Splitting the sample into two groups using allocation. Each group completes different conditions and the results are then compared.
4.2 Repeated measures. Everyone in the sample completes both conditions. Results are then compared.
4.3 Matched pairs. Participants are paired based on their qualities. They are then split into two groups away from each other.
5 Extraneous variables are any other variables apart from the IV that are likely to affect the DV.
5.1 if they become important enough they can become confounding variables. You can't confidently prove/disprove the hypothesis.
6 Demand characteristics are features of the experimental situation that act as clues.
6.1 investigator effects is when the investigator may accidently influence behavior.
6.1.1 Double-blind techniques are where neither the researcher or the participant know the condition the participant is in.
6.2 Single-blind techniques are where the participant is not told what condition they are in so can't work out the demands of the researcher.
7 Types of experiment
7.1 Lab
7.2 Field
7.3 Natural. Natural changes in the IV. Not manipulated.
8 A Pilot study is a smaller scale version of the experiment. Helps the researcher see whether their research has internal validity.
9 Observations
9.1 ptt
9.2 non ptt
9.3 covert
9.4 overt
9.5 structured
9.6 unstructured
10 self report techniques
10.1 Interview
10.1.1 structured, unstructured and semistructured.
10.2 Questionaire
10.2.1 open and closed questions
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