Genre of a Thriller

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Genre of a Thriller
1 What is a thriller?
1.1 A thriller is a book or film designed to keep the reader or viewer on edge with suspenseful and sensational action. Many people find thrillers very enjoyable, and they appreciate the fast pacing and complex plots associated with this genre.
2 Characters?
2.1 There are two main characters in a thriller, which consist of the antoagonist and the protagonist. They are set apart from each other in the way the audience views them. The heros in thrillers are often men and usually has an aim to defeat the evil of the situation. There is also always a villain, which are again usually men and usually work alone.
3 Editing of a thriller?
3.1 Jump cuts are usually used a lot in thrillers due to the fact that there are lot of things happening and the audience are unaware. Cross cutting is also used to help build suspense.
4 Conventions of a thriller?
4.1 Usually include low lighting, fast pace and slow pace shots, cross cutting,jump cuts, eerie music and slow movements.
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