Cognition: Ch. 7

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Cognition: Ch. 7
1 Models of Memory
1.1 Levels of Processing Model
1.1.1 deeply / elaboratively processed
1.1.2 shallowly / maintenance processed
1.2 Three-Box/ Information-Processing Model
1.2.1 external events >> sensory memory > encoding > short term / working memory >encoding> long term memory sensory memory George Sperling iconic memory echoic memory selective attention visual codes acoustic codes semantic codes short term/ working memory rehearse chunking mnemonic device George Miller long term memory 3 formats episodic memory semantic memory procedural memory implicit / explicit memory eidetic / photographic memory Alexandra Luria
1.3 Retrieval Memory Model
1.3.1 2 different kinds recognition recall
1.3.2 several factors serial position effect (curve) Hermann Ebbinghaus primacy effect recency effect context semantic network theory tip of the tongue phenomena flashbulb memory mood congruent memory state dependent memory
1.4 Constructed/ Recovered Memory
2 Forgetting
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