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DD303 Consciousness
Ken Adams
Memory and Law - Eye-witness Issues
Rights and Responsibilities
AQA Biology 11.2 mitosis
Charlotte Hewson
VCE Psychology consciousness and sleep
Sukhmani Randhawa
Psychology: Mind, body, brain
Psychology and the MCAT: Foundational Concept 6
Sarah Egan
Phonological Loop model (Working Memory)
Alexandra Mouhsi
1 Definition
1.1 Dualism vs Monism
1.1.1 Monism Eliminative Materialism vs Functionalism
1.1.2 Dualism - Strong and Weak Form / Difference in Conscious states and physical states
1.2 Phenomenal vs AccessConsciousness
1.3 Hard and Easy Problems Explanatory Gap
2 Studies and Techniques
2.1 Implicit Memory
2.1.1 Word-stem Completion Task
2.1.2 False Fame Effect
2.1.3 Priming Effects
2.1.4 Amnesiacs patients
2.2 Implicit Learning
2.2.1 Subliminal Presentaiton Equally Subliminal? / Equipment Test learning of hidden rules Artificial Grammar Learning (Rebel 1967)
2.2.2 Evaluation Deeprose et al 2004 evidence of priming during surgery
2.3 Controlled vs Automatic Processing
2.3.1 Suppressing Controlled Procesing Atkinson & Shiffrin's Model of Memory LTM (automatic) / STM (controlled) search for targets in arrays of distracters in consistent or varied mapping condition
2.4 Structure
2.4.1 Unitary or Modular Neuropsychological study (G.Y.) Blindsight
3 Function
3.1 Behaviour Control
3.1.1 Contention Scheduling Process and SAS
3.2 Alter Mood Change
3.3 Learn from Mistakes
3.4 CrossTalk
3.5 Preventing Sensory Overload
4 Theories
4.1 Working Memory Baddeley 1993
4.1.1 Outline/Criticism-Multiple Draft Theory
4.2 Global Workspace Baars 1997
4.2.1 WM like Theatre Evaluation: mixed evidence of brain regions
5 What Can be Learned From Cognitive Psychology
5.1 Generate Hypothesis
5.2 Discover Cognitive Correlates of Consciousness
5.3 Useful Techniques for research
5.4 Solution to easy cognitive processes

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