GCSE AQA Biology 2 Distribution of organisms

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A mind map showing information about quadrats, transects, population size & collecting environmental data.

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GCSE AQA Biology 2 Distribution of organisms
1 The environment
1.1 Habitat: The place where an organism lives
1.2 Distribution of an organism: Where an organism is found
1.2.1 Affected by environmental factors... Temperature Availability of water Availability of oxygen/carbon dioxide Availability of nutrients Amount of light
1.2.2 Ways to study it... Measure how common organism is in 2 sample areas and compare Study how it changes across area
2 Quadrats
2.1 Quadrat: Square frame enclosing a known area e.g. 1m squared
2.2 To compare how common organism is in 2 sample areas...
2.2.1 1) Place quadrat on ground at random point in 1st sample area 2) Count all organisms within quadrat 3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 as many times as possible 4) Work out mean no. of organisms per quadrat for 1st sample area 5) Repeat steps 1 to 4 in 2nd sample area 6) Compare the means
3 Working out population size
3.1 1) Work out mean number of organisms per metre squared
3.1.1 2) Multiply mean by total area (in metres squared) of habitat
4 Transects
4.1 Can use to find out how organisms are distributed across an area...
4.1.1 1) Mark out line in area using tape measure 2) Collect data along the line by... a) counting all the organisms that touch the line (that are being studied) b) using quadrats - can be placed next to each other along line or at intervals
5 Collecting environmental data
5.1 Need to think about...
5.1.1 Reliability Have to be repeatable and reproducible Use a large sample size Use random samples
5.1.2 Validity For results to be valid they must... Be reliable Answer original question Must control all variables - can find out if difference in distribution is caused by environmental factor or not
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