China as a superpower

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China as a superpower
1 Culture
1.1 Chinatown
1.1.1 Chinese Food Noodles Egg fried rice Sweat and sour chicken
1.2 Martial arts
1.2.1 Film industry Jackie Chan Bruce Lee The karate Kid
1.2.2 Karate
1.3 The olympics
1.3.1 2008 Bejing There was an infamous incident when a girl who was meant to be singing was forced to sing while a "pretty girl" mimed Won the most medals
1.4 Great wall of China
2 Economy
2.1 Half the size of the US economy
2.2 Fastest growing economy
2.2.1 Expected to overtake US by 2018
2.3 Made in china
2.3.1 Sweatshops Poor work conditions The chinese goverment is aware of this which has led to the United Nations critisicing chinas human rights. Bad pay One of the contributers to chinas status as an LEDC Chinas welth per capita is only $6071 They are ranked 87th according the international monetry fund Many people live without hot water Copyright Fake apple stores Five year olds making Ipads
3 Politics
3.1 Corruption
3.1.1 Bo xilai
3.1.2 Bribery
3.2 Has been callled "A dictatorship"
3.2.1 Huamn rights Right to protest Tianeman square Tank man Possibly executed Freedom of speech Chen Guangcheng Illegal house arrest Widely condemned
3.2.2 No democratic elections.
3.3 Communism
3.3.1 Enforces rule with violence and/or intimidation
3.4 Relationships with other countries
3.4.1 USA Nato bombing of embassy in belgrade(1999) Common interests Nuclear proliferation Prevention of terrorism. Both are members of the UN China has been accused of several cyber attacks o the USA.
4 Miliatary strength
4.1 2.2 Million foot soldiers
4.1.1 They have seen Very little combat outside of China US soldiers have seen regular combat in active warzones. Area surrounding china is volitile China has supported north korea in the past Can cause conflict with the US. They reached an agreement of the embargo on North korea to impede its nuclear weapons trade. China has compensated by having strict immigration laws when it comes to north and south korea However during the korean war china sent 3 million soldiers to assist north korea Constant flow of refugees from north and south korea. China has been known to be notoriusly neautral on many issues such as the conflict in korea, as well as the production of iranien nuclear weapons.
4.2 Navy
4.2.1 One decommisioned aircraft carier
4.2.2 Ballistic missle capabilty is a significant detterent to opposing ships.
4.3 Air Force
4.3.1 New Stealth Jet Rivalry of the F-22 raptor
4.4 Spends a tenth of what america does on its military budget.
4.5 China has an entire devision dedicated to cyber offensives and defense.
4.5.1 China has been accused of hacking the wall street journal and the financial times.
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