Gender Theories

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AS english language mind map for gender theories

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Gender Theories
1 Deficit Model
1.1 Robin Lakoff
1.1.1 women speak less than men
1.1.2 females use mainly intensifiers very so
1.1.3 women's language represents inferior status
1.1.4 female language is weak compared to men's
1.1.5 they use hedges,fillers & tag questions
1.2 O'Barr & Atkins
1.2.1 'Female' language is found in powerless people
2 Dominance Model
2.1 Zimmerman & West
2.1.1 Recorded conversations between men & women 96% of interuptions were by men Men are dominant in same-sex conversations
3 Difference Model
3.1 Tannen
3.1.1 men want status
3.1.2 Women form bonds
3.1.3 Males give direct orders
3.1.4 Men aim to solve problems
3.1.5 Women offer support not solutions
3.1.6 Women give polite orders
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