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  1. Vec & Bit
    1. Vector
      1. Raster Images
        1. Pixels in a grid
          1. contains specific colour information
            1. single image made up of thousands of pixels
              1. Pixel only clear when magnified
              2. Bitmap
                1. Individual scalable objects
                  1. Mathematical Equations
                    1. Allows them to render at the highest quality
                      1. Lines, cureves and shapes with editable attributes eg. colour and full
                        1. can be transformed using nodes
                        2. vectors > bitmap
                          1. vectors can be scaled and skewed without losing quality
                            1. but a bitmap will loose its map of bits
                          2. Lighting
                            1. Distance
                              1. Emits uniform parallel rays of light in one direction
                                1. Intensity does Not deminish over distance
                                  1. Direction more important than location
                                    1. Even objects 'behind' are lit
                                      1. Stimulating sunlight
                                      2. Spot
                                        1. Emits light in a directional cone
                                          1. direction and size can be specified
                                            1. Intensity deminishes over distance
                                              1. Hotspot and falloff angles
                                                1. Specify how light deminishes along the edge of a cone
                                                2. Maximum illumiation surrounded by lesser intensity
                                                3. Point
                                                  1. Radiates light from all directions
                                                    1. Intensity deminishes over distance
                                                      1. Useful for simulating a lightbulb
                                                    2. Printing
                                                      1. Lithography
                                                        1. Advantages
                                                          1. Most cost efficient and fastest method
                                                            1. able to cope with more than normal 4 colours
                                                              1. Cheapest method for producing high quality printing
                                                                1. Concistent high quality image
                                                                2. Disadvantages
                                                                  1. Small quality jobs not cost affective
                                                                    1. plates must be properly cared for
                                                                  2. Flexography
                                                                    1. Advantages
                                                                      1. Prints on wide verity of subtrates
                                                                        1. Millions of impressions can be made
                                                                          1. can print more than 10 colours if multiple stations are used
                                                                          2. Disadvantages
                                                                            1. Not cost affective for smaller prints
                                                                              1. Not suitable for outdoor use
                                                                                1. inks fade in UV light
                                                                                  1. halftones and small text tend to not print well as ink tends to spread
                                                                              2. Imposition
                                                                                1. orderering pages so that they will read correctly when trimmed and bound
                                                                                2. Text
                                                                                  1. Serif
                                                                                    1. small decorative pieces of the letters
                                                                                      1. eg. Times New Roman
                                                                                    2. Sans Serif
                                                                                      1. typeface with no serifs
                                                                                        1. Helvetica
                                                                                    3. 3D Modelling
                                                                                      1. Boolean Intersection
                                                                                        1. Allows user to create composite solid from common volume of two overlappong solids
                                                                                        2. surface revolutions
                                                                                          1. A line or series of lines revolved about an axis leaving only a surface shape to the 3D item
                                                                                          2. Solid primative
                                                                                            1. Any standard 3D shape
                                                                                            2. Ruled surface
                                                                                              1. Constructs a polygon mesh representing the ruled surface between two curves
                                                                                              2. Union
                                                                                                1. Union allows the user to combine the total volume of two or more solids into a composite object
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