GCSE AQA Biology 3 Water Flow Through Plants

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A mind map showing information about the xylem & phloem and the transpiration stream.

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GCSE AQA Biology 3 Water Flow Through Plants
  1. Vessels in flowering plants
    1. Phloem
      1. Made of columns of living cells with small holes in ends - allow stuff to flow through
        1. Transport food substances (mainly dissolved sugars) made in leaves to growing regions & storage organs
          1. Transport goes in both directions
          2. Xylem
            1. Made of dead cells joined end to end, with no end walls & hole down middle
              1. Carry water & minerals from roots to stem & leaves in transpiration stream
                1. Transport is up only
              2. Transpiration - the loss of water from the plant
                1. Caused by the evaporation & diffusion of water from inside leaves
                  1. Creates slight shortage of water in leaf so more water is drawn up from rest of plant through xylem to replace it
                    1. More water drawn up from roots - constant transpiration stream of water through plant
                  2. Side-effect of way leaves are adapted for photosynthesis - have stomata in them so gases can be exchanged easily
                    1. There's more water inside plant than outside - water escapes from leaves through stomata
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